More Morton Kondracke immigration idiocy

Like a minor league member of the Open Borders lobby, Morton Kondracke of Roll Call magazine continues to discuss immigration "reform", the latest in "Will Bush Step Up - Or Let Immigration Issue Fester Further?". Just like another minor leaguer, he references Tamar Jacoby in the piece. Not only that, he even briefly mentions "Frank Sharry, executive director of the pro-reform National Immigration Forum". And, he ends with this:

It's up to Bush to step into this morass and lead. He claimed in his Tuesday press conference to still have "plenty" of political capital left to achieve his goals. Keeping immigration out of the hands of demagogues is worth his expending some.

Like David Brooks, TJ, and others of that ilk, he's just on the other side.

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So long as you can publish to the multitude what the traitors in high places are up to, there is no occasion for extreme acts.

Ok I see, but did you know that the city of Calexico only is flying the so called Flag Of Mexico over its city hall, the city is well inside the U.S. Border, and as far as i can see it hates the U.S. Flag, and is a real drug center inside this non nation this is what you get when you have a government that hates its own people.

Long Live the USA Down with its enemies and the enemies of freedom.
by the way, do you know I can go to prison for saying that?, "but only if I am taken alive". Long Live The Ideals Of 1776.