from illegal immigration supporter Harry Reid

Give 'em hell harry

Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) has launched a new website entitled GiveEmHellHarry. It features a petition encouraging the oppressed masses to protest obscene oil company profits, and it features a "blog". I believe that the blog is actually written by the politician himself, since if it were written by an aide the posts wouldn't have that charming "I typed this in as I dashed out the door" quality.

In previous news: Harry Reid wants amnesty for illegal aliens who are taking jobs that could go to Katrina victims.

UPDATE: I added the picture. His site will be promoted with billboards, just not ones like that.



What'the HELL' Harry , is going on??? The Seanete is giving the store away by passing an amisty bill for illegals coming accross the border and selling out to the corporations.

I have been a LIBERAL Demacrate all my life and here I am backing the Repuplcans on the matter of securing our borders and sending these illegals back. We are watching the middle class tank and our States go into the red to try and educate and nedecate the hords coming across the border. STOP IT NOW/////

Pissed off Peggy