DUmmies' childish view of illegal immigration

The best and brightest minds of the left have contributed their wisdom to the DU threads "East Coast cold to Minuteman Project" and "Minutemen planning national action at U.S. borders".

You might be tempted to think that some of those posting the childish remarks are COINTELPRO-style operatives designed to assist in reducing the wages of American workers. But, you'd be wrong. Those are real lefties there:
Those maids and gardeners and masons aren't hurting anyone, and make great neighbors, by and large, bringing with them their traditional, earthy family values.
Well, millions of the maids and gardeners and masons can certainly have an effect on many aspects of American life, but no one said DUmmies were smart.

Further, while I don't think the poster was joking, his comment is very similar to... an article from The Onion. From "Man Who Thought He Was On Date Actually Just At Work-Related Get-Together":
"Thinking I was covering my tracks, I said I had a thing for our supervisor, Michaela [Torres]," Rolen said. "I started babbling about how I like to date Hispanic women, because I find them very 'earthy' and 'spiritual.' I was out of control."
Perhaps I should start a new subcategory: "DU, or The Onion?"

However, not every single last one of them are dumb, as there's one intelligent reply:
This is not a race issue, it's an economic issue.

Everyone of those landscapers, maids and clerks are taking jobs from American citizens.

When every American in the job market is gainfully employed, then let's throw the doors open to our neighbors.

And please no racist rhetoric about how nobody wants the jobs they take. Talk to the 400 people who applied for 12 McDonald's jobs in my city.

The influx of illegals is depressing American wages and in the long run helping very few except CEOs who are only too happy to oblige.


"This is not a race issue..."

Maybe as you say this reply is some evidence of 'intelligence', but IMO it is also evidence of that particular form of squeamishness that political correctness produces. Personally, I'd be a lot more comfortable if all the illegals were from Sweden and Denmark, or maybe Poland. Although I'd still think there's too many of them, that we shouldn't make their lives here any easier (no driver's licenses etc), and that we ought to generally enforce immigration law. But it is hardly arguable that America would be a lot better off now and in the future with them than it is now, or will be in the future, with a lot Hispanics from Mexico and points south.

This should be obvious.

I would think.