Vicente Fox's offer to make money off Katrina spurned

Last week, George Bush's amigo Vicente Fox offered to help us out with the Katrina rebuilding, specifically saying that "if there is anything Mexicans are good at, it is construction." Of course, as readers of this blog know, that would translate into millions or billions of remittances for Mexico: the money that illegal aliens send home.

Rep. Charlie Norwood (R-GA) responds to Fox:

"Rebuilding our Gulf Coast with labor from Mexico would divert a large part of the estimated $200 billion cost to rebuild -- paid for by American taxpayers -- out of our economy and into 'foreign remittances,' the monies sent back to Mexico from the U.S. by illegal immigrants... While we appreciate the disaster aid assistance Mexico is providing by sending a military convoy across our southern border, we cannot afford to pay them back with the jobs of our hurricane victims."


Mr. Norwood said at least half a million Americans from the affected areas have permanently lost their jobs, suggesting that it "makes perfect sense" that as many of them ought to be employed as possible in the rebuilding efforts -- "for their personal good and the good of the country."


"We should not allow our national tragedy to become Mexico's gain. The time for talk is over. The time for pleas for the administration to simply enforce the law is over... Hardship has a way of bringing families together... If there is anything positive that can come from such an incomprehensible disaster as Hurricane Katrina, it could likely be in forcing us to come back together to help defend each other, instead of letting potential taxpayer-funded jobs for storm victims to be looted by illegal immigrant labor cheered on by Mexican President Vicente Fox."


Of course, the problem is that our putatively American president and the "liberals" are probably going to end up helping Fox with Plan B: just sending the illegal aliens anyway. See "Harry Reid wants amnesty for illegal aliens who are taking jobs that could go to Katrina victims".

Every chance we get, let's ask them whose side they're on.



We should remember that producing drugs, cars, and other items in Mexico, as increasing numbers of US corporations are now doing, also means money going to Mexican workers. The corporations who benefit from this also care nothing about the welfare of the American people. They are exporting precious American technology not just to Mexico, but to countries all over the world. They may save a few dollars with this version of "globalization" but we will never get back the technology lead that we worked for decades developing. This is a major loss, much bigger than that from the few dollars, rightfully earned in exchange for real work, that foreign workers send home to their families.

Fox and Bush have a plan for N.O, To make it one more city of mexico, just like L.A. Has become full of gangs and murder, it is the way the one world guys work.

the future of this non nation is this.

3 percent rich living in a star trek world.

7 percent cops amd army keeping the so called peace of that star trek world.

90 percent you! from day to day with no hope and no life, you will become the hostage of the third world/one world rulers fight back now and live, don't start to fight back and die in pain\suffering and total hopelessness.

fox means the evil of hizbullah and bin laden see it as it is and fight back and live.