Arkansas Republican governor Mike Huckabee and the "underground economy"

Arkansas' "compassionate conservative" governor, Republican Mike Huckabee, paid a visit to New Hampshire over the weekend. The details are in "Arkansas governor talks politics, immigrants at GOP gathering". In the original version, the following two paragraphs have several paragraphs between them. But, when excerpted they are quite striking:
"Politics does not matter to a single mother working two jobs and needing medical care for her child or to someone wanting a pothole patched, he said... Politics, [Gov. Mike Huckabee] said, is of little consequence to someone who does not have a job...

He said people complain illegal immigrants are taking their jobs. But, he said, when he asks individuals to give him names and addresses of people who want to work in a poultry-processing plant deboning chickens, no one does...
Obviously, his "compassion" seems to have interfered with his ability to form commonsense, American, public policy.

Huckabee wants to bring in a foreign serf class to do the jobs Americans won't do. But, his "compassionate" side feels the pain of Americans who are out of work.

I'm sure those who don't let "compassion" stand in their way of doing the right thing could think up a better way than importing helots.

Here's a suggestion: reduce the number of foreign serf workers. That would raise the wages for poultry workers. And, that would provide an alternative for those out of work Americans he feels such compassion for. And, as it happens, those are the same people who presumably voted for this loser and whose welfare he should put before other concerns.
Huckabee agreed a "hot" issue today is illegal immigrants. He said the country’s borders need to be protected, not so much from those trying to get into this country to earn a living, but to keep out the person trying to sneak in a dirty bomb.
Obviously, we don't want terrorists coming over. But, that doesn't mean we can't prevent illegal low-wage workers from coming over at the same time. Apparently Huckabee isn't concerned about the latter.
He said the country's 11 million illegal immigrants and the companies that employ them have created an underground economy. Without them, he said, our economy would collapse.
I'd dearly love to call him a supporter of that "underground economy," but just because he appears unwilling to fight against corruption and other anti-American activity doesn't necessarily mean that he's involved in it. But, clearly, it doesn't appear to be much of a concern of his. He is obviously unfit not just for president, but for any elected office.

If the Dems were smart, they'd start trying to tie the word "Republican" to the word "corruption." The problem, as usual, is that the Dems aren't smart enough to see opportunity, even when handed to them on a silver platter.

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"He said the country's 11 million illegal immigrants and the companies that employ them have created an underground economy. Without them, he said, our economy would collapse."
An underground economy means, by definition, tax evasion. So, our economy would collapse without massive tax evasion? I'd like to see this assertion of Huckabee's fleshed out. Is he tacitly encouraging us all to evade taxes?