CBS Poll: 63% oppose "work permits" for "illegal immigrants"

From "Poll: Most Want Immigration Curbed":
...Sixty-three percent say immigrants who are in the country illegally should not be able to apply for a permit that allows them to stay and work.



Opposition to work permits crosses party and ideological boundaries: most Democrats, Republicans and Independents are opposed, as are most liberals, conservatives and moderates...


Thus says the Lord God of ISRAEL, Let my People go!
When the Great God of Israel, the Mighty Lord, the only God appeared unto Moses in a flame of fire out of the midst of a

You know im only 20 years old and have always taken citizenship for granted till i met the guy of my dreams (who is from Mexico.)Made me realize No one was ever really born here in America, everyones ancestors have migrated here for different countries so who is to say this is our country? America is no ones country. What ever happend to america being a free country if its a free country then others should be able to come here and go through the whole process of becoming legal. Stop judging so many people over our terriost attacks. People come to america for a better life. I wish i could put all the people that are so against immigrants mirgratting over here in a different country and see how life is like and how hard it is some where else. Americans have it easy in my eyes from what ive seen in different countries.

I think that is wrong what the governor is doing with inmigrants because every one should have a chance to be equal like others.

Just as I thought, this is not a partisan issue. It shouldn't matter what party you belong to, this is an issue of right and wrong, of legal and illegal. I think that most people just don't think it is right that people are illegally flooding into our country in ever increasing numbers that we cannot handle. And since the taxpayers have to pick up the tab for them this is a situation that cannot continue. California is going broke due to this and your state is next if we don't stop this pretty soon.

just in case you don't understand me, this is all about the full dismantling of this nation so the communist party of mexico can use its people to take over this nation, its about the colonization by some other people in order to take what is here for the use of others, its about kidnapping your rights as people under laws, its about helping evil to collapse this nation and kill your culture and make this nation into a third world hell. and your congress is helping. when a government allows others for other places to take land from people who live here and who follow the laws ask why?

God what next rape right?..i mean after all didn't we build a nation for mexico and the third world?...why not just let all terrorists come here and kill us but the millions..why not allow all mexican and south americans to take our homes away and kill us!..why not just let a mexican take the white house and why not just say yes to all drug dealers? ( many are in the police dept's in all states ) and why not just hand out all our money in our banks to the nation state called mexico..why not just die for mexico?

and why not start to fight back against a really insane government that is nothing but Treason and lies, just look at the so called trade pacts!...and look at what the ideals of one world is now doing to fact keep in mind 90 percent of all homeless are whites not hispanic not blacks but whites under the age of 30.
this move is just one more trojan horses being used on you.