GOPUSA reports on JW's border crossers FOIA

Back in June we discussed the FOIA request that Judicial Watch filed concerning the poll of border crossers that the Border Patrol had conducted. It showed a large uptick in attempted crossings because of Bush announcing his guest worker plan.

The poll was abruptly terminated after three weeks, and BP agents were ordered to spin the results and the effects of Bush's big plan.

Now, in a rather interesting occurence, GOPUSA offers a summary of the FOIA request entitled "Border Patrol Secrets". It doesn't go as far as I did, but it doesn't pull its punches:

Bush administration officials directed Border Patrol agents to mislead the American people... President Bush had just announced a new "temporary worker program" (to read, amnesty) for illegal immigrants... This is hardly the stuff of open, honest and responsible government... Here are some of the more disturbing survey findings the Bush administration tried to keep from you...

You'll recall, of course, that GOPUSA is run by Bobby Eberle, who also has an involvement with Talon News. The latter employed Jeff Gannon (who's gay BTW). Why, the dKosopedia even has an entry on this. Perhaps GOPUSA wants to be on the right side, not the Bush side.