DHS squashes Border Patrol auxiliary idea

Earlier today the NYT picked up the story of the CBP considering forming some kind of BP auxiliary: Border Patrol Considering Use of Volunteers, Official Says:
...Robert C. Bonner, commissioner of United States Customs and Border Protection, said his agency had focused on involving citizens after noting the willingness of volunteers to help federal agents catch illegal immigrants.

"It is actually as a result of seeing that there is the possibility in local border communities, and maybe even beyond, of having citizens that would be willing to volunteer to help the Border Patrol," Mr. Bonner said.

"We value having eyes and ears of citizens, and I think that would be one of the things we are looking at is how you better organize, let's say, a citizen effort," he said.

Mr. Bonner characterized the idea as an area his agency was considering...
You pesky citizens can put down your lawn chairs, as Washington has shot down the idea.

"Homeland Security backs off idea of civilian border patrol":
In a refutation of that controversial idea, a Homeland Security spokesman issued a statement Thursday backing off Bonner's suggestion.

"There are currently no plans by the Department of Homeland Security to use civilian volunteers to patrol the border," spokesman Brian J. Roehrkasse said. "That job should continue to be done by the highly trained, professional law enforcement officials."

Roehrkasse added that Bonner, whose agency is part of Homeland Security, had not told department officials "any specific details of the idea."
Really, were you expecting anything else from the cheap labor mad Bush administration?


Evidently Bonner spoke out without checking with Wash. Maybe he has meet with some of the Minutemen and were impressed with them and started thinking that they could use them. As soon as the White House heard about this they quickly squashed that idea. It's a shame that Bonner won't be able to work independently at all. Having official citizen patrols sound like a good idea. And I think that is the real problem.