The Bishop is a cheap labor pimp

A Hispanic reporter offers a (surprise!) sympathetic article about his fellow Hispanics (of the illegal variety) in the Orlando Sentinel's "Debate rages about amnesty, border controls". It includes this rather fantastic quote:

"If today you rounded up all the people without documents and sent them home, you would have a collapse of our agriculture business, and probably our restaurant business, not to mention our construction business," said Bishop Thomas Wenski, who leads the Roman Catholic diocese of Orlando. "You would see an economic impact that would make the 9-11 aftermath pale in comparison."

In addition to the last, offensive bit, don't you think it's fair to call the Bishop a cheap labor pimp?

This quote from a college student is interesting too:

"[My illegal alien parents] did break the law, but they weren't trying to be criminals," said Hernandez, 21, a sophomore at St. Edwards University in Austin, Texas. "The borders [that] people make are man-made. God didn't put the borders there."

"The fence around St. Edwards University is man-made. God didn't put that fence there! Therefore, I shall set up camp on their lawn! It's my right!" Seriously, some people will think she's making sense.


The RC church has been selling social justice a long time now. They do not like cheap labor as such, they like failure and poverty; the kind that makes for piety. They hate human success, which is why they enthuse over the chance to push America down to third world standards. It takes faith to imagine that one could reasonably use a false dilemma like the one the bishop copied from the Mexicans and others, expecting people to believe that are alternatives are limited to deporting many millions in few months, or letting them just run loose.