Bishop: Keep America Great!

The National Governors Association summer meeting is going on in Des Moines Iowa. Outside, 100 or so supporters of illegal immigration gathered to support, in the AP's words, "immigration reform."

The instigators appear to be Catholic Charities and Bishop Gregory Palmer of the Iowa Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.

According to the AP, [Palmer] said the governors should work to make America greater and to keep the American dream alive. AFAIK, the American dream involved laws, no? I mean, it wasn't all just ice cream and sunshine, now was it? In order to keep that American dream alive, we have to take all things into account and we need to be adult about tough subjects like whether we want to allow millions of people from another country to invade our country, especially when the AP informs us that one of the signs being carried said the following:

"We are here and we're not leaving."

Sounds like a threat to me, and part of the American dream involves not looking too very kindly on threats.


Not to mention that Americans in a state of consciousness, do not dream of increasing the level of aggression by importing foreign criminals by the millions. The retardates' dream of streets paved with gold, where unlimited welfare awaits Mexican depravity, is the tradition of the established religion of freedom for aggression, perhaps, but not for those who pay their own way.