Suffolk County's Steve Levy has a spine

Newsday's Bart Jones offers us an immigration story that isn't a PIIPP. It reports on yet another "marcha" for "immigrant's rights." In this case they were protesting the decision of Suffolk County's Steve Levy to finally evict residents from a clown house; see "Help Bart Jones of Long Island Newsday find the border!" for the backstory.

Jones' latest is "A protest over evictions":
Waving signs and banging sticks on plastic buckets like drums, about 200 people, mainly undocumented Mexican immigrants, marched through Farmingville yesterday demanding the right not to be evicted without notice and thrown into the street.

Some residents, however, questioned whether the immigrants have any rights without documentation to enter this country...
Well, Bart, obviously they don't. I mean, that really shouldn't be an issue, now should it? Most other politicians would be intimidated by a little march, but thankfully someone has a spine:
...Levy shot back yesterday, saying his campaign is supported by wide swaths of people fed up with overcrowded houses in Farmingville. "The 99 percent of the county that supports the closing of this hellhole need not worry," he said. "I will not back down to this 1 percent lunatic fringe. They evidently don't like me much because I am one of the few officials who are not intimidated by their politically correct histrionics."


One additional building inspector would repay his salary several times over each year, just by clearing out several of these houses. When they bring their children in, the conditions are so crowded that a welfare apartment is a step up. Preventing several of these 'family values that don't stop at the' boundary of the welfare project events from going down, would pay such a salary and then some. Attorney general Spitzer, in his zeal to degrade civilization, an obvious obstacle to the trajectory of his career, would probably like to sue. Why let democracy, responsibility and local accountability prevent us from getting all the welfare cases that an official could dream of, crying to him for succor!