"Texas has been conquered by Hispanics"

The titular quote is from Rev. Julio Barquero, the Arkansas state chaplain of LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens). The quote is taken from the article "Border state", and here it is in context:
"Little Rock is the border between Mexico and the U.S.," said the Rev. Julio Barquero, who operates the Centro Cristiano Fellowship in Sherwood, and is the LULAC state chaplain. "Not Texas anymore — Arkansas. Texas has been conquered by Hispanics."

Barquero explained that Latinos in Texas have networks and institutions to help them navigate in society, whereas the Latino population in Arkansas is struggling because it is so new.

But his unfortunate choice of words, which might seem to confirm fears about illegal immigration, at least demonstrates the work that needs to be done to build effective Latino advocacy here...
Yes, it's quite unfortunate that he told us what he (and LULAC) think. As for Texans (who still live in the U.S. last time I checked), it's definitely a quote as many as possible should hear. If you know any Texans, please send them the article, post it to Texas blogs, send it to Texas illegal immigration apologists, etc. etc.

The article also mentions that our friends in Mexico are opening a consulate in Little Rock. And, it includes this:
Ana Lorena Hart became one of the primary lobbyists on Latino issues at the legislature this year almost by default. The multicultural community relations manager at the Tyson Foods headquarters in Springdale (she emphasizes that her political activity is separate from her professional work), Hart was pushed into service in the absence of any organization prepared to undertake Latino political action...
Hart advocates for driver's licenses for illegal aliens and all those other Latino causes.

Barquero, who runs the Sherwood church, started a program that issues identification cards to undocumented Latinos in conjunction with the Sherwood Police Department.

"With the IDs issued at the church, miracles have happened," Barquero said. He says the cards enable Latinos to purchase cars, obtain insurance, and even eventually qualify for state drivers licenses. Church officials will issue a card to anyone who can produce a birth certificate or other form of identification from his or her native country, and Barquero says they have distributed 4,500 IDs, all of which bear the seal of the Sherwood Police Department...
It goes on, including a quote that claims Latinos only have limited access to public services. Then, a few paragraphs later, all the public services they can get and all the ones that activists want are enumerated.

Note that Sherwood, Arkansas was mentioned in "Their money or your safety". That includes a story describing a visit by the Mexican consul to that city to hand out Matricula Consular cards (IDs for illegals).

California has a "private attorneys general" statute that can be used by lawyers to sue over public policy issues. I wonder if there's something similar that would allow the American public to start charging people who are assisting this invasion with treason.


This kind of triumphalism, anticipates a victory which is not likely to be won. These impoverished little race warriors don't even realize how power hungry officials are using them as stepping stones to a future war and dictatorship, in which the latinos can reasonably expect next to nothing, and worse than what they have in the countries that they come from.