America's immigration system is broken, and needs to be fixed

America is a land of immigrants. Today, immigrants come to do the jobs that Americans won't do. Today's wave of immigration is just like past waves. Everyone agrees that our immigration system is broken and needs fixing.

Oh, sorry. I was just reading this card I found on the ground... let's see, what's on the other side... Party Line Printers, Berkeley CA???

Oh my.

Anyhoo, while reading the rather unremarkable "news report" entitled "Immigration forum Sunday in St. Helena" (link), I ran across the only quote they provide from "noted immigration law expert Mark Silverman" from the Immigrant Legal Resource Center:
"Everyone agrees immigration is broken and needs fixing, but nobody can agree how to fix it," Silverman said. "We're talking to people about their legal rights."
I don't know whether he said more than that, or whether that was the first and only thing he said to the "reporter." But, you can see the same exact comment from others on the system is broken page. And, when we change the wording slightly, we get even more hits, including one from Sen. John McCain of McKennedy amnesty fame.

9/17/12 UPDATE: I replaced Google search links in the last paragraph with a link to the page collecting talking points like this.