Today's Kennedy-McCain news

In the posts "Tamar Jacoby on the Kennedy-McCain mass amnesty", Kennedy-McCain in "accord" with Bush's "principles", and "McCain, Kennedy introduce Open Borders, Open Wallets bill" I presented some of those who favor their massive amnesty for illegal aliens plan.

Another one of the usual suspects has weighed in: U.S. Rep. Raul Grijalva (Democrat-AZ). Grijalva is a former member of MEChA, and he's proud of having been involved with that group.

Here's what he said about the amnesty plan:

"[the bill] looks to the reality of immigration and attempts to create a safer, accessible and regulated immigration system... Arizona, like no other state in the nation, understands the need to address immigration and realism, fairness and a sense of urgency... [this is a chance to] move forward toward a solution and not merely react with empty rhetoric and increased divisiveness."

And, in other news, McCain has backtracked from recent remarks. Here's what he said last week:

"If we went down to the Camelback Inn today in Phoenix and arrested everyone who's working there illegally, the place would probably shut down..."

The Camelback Inn says everyone they employ is legal. Accordingly, here's yesterday's version from the Senator:

"I did not mean to single out any particular resort in my remarks... The legislation we introduced ... is designed to comprehensively address a broken immigration system. The reference to a specific business in my remarks detracts from the intent and import of my comments and this legislation."