Vienna, then and now

Vienna today (freerepublic . com/focus/f-news/1403675/posts):
Austrian Muslims have expressed concerns at a modified immigration law, fearing Muslims would take the brunt of the new restrictions as they make up the majority of immigrants in the south-central European country...

According to estimates, there are some 750,000 immigrants in Austria, representing 10 percent of the country’s eight-million population.

Muslims, estimated at nearly half a million, make up some 6 per cent of the population...
Vienna 1683 (en.wikipedia dot org/wiki/Battle_of_Vienna):
The Battle of Vienna in 1683 (as distinct from the Siege of Vienna in 1529), marked the final turning point in a 250-year struggle between the forces of Christian Europe and the Islamic Ottoman Empire. Over the 16 years following the battle Christian forces would permanently drive the Turks south of the Danube River, where they never again posed a serious threat to central Europe...
There's more on "Eurabia" here. See also "immigration [to Europe] as a Trojan horse to expand jihad", The "Andalus syndrome", and "When Multiculturalists seek to understand!"


"Muslims...would take the brunt of the new restrictions"

Uhh, I think that's the idea.