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Actor, world renowned connoisseur and professional gentleman of leisure - Mr. Whitefolks. AKA The trendsetter of Muskegon
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.@espnstevelevy @notthefakesvp: Messi is perhaps greatest #soccer player ever. Why is a legend almost never on #ESPN except in highlights?
.@notthefakesvp: as I suffer through DOMS, #ESPN is playing hilites on 2 channels, tennis on 3rd. Plz show soccer/baseball games even tape-d
.@notthefakesvp is astounded that moose can run fast. Most large animals can. Also, consider a soccer game to break the hoops 24/7 monotony.
.@notthefakesvp: thanks for #ESPN showing #hockey highlights, even though the only actual games you show is basketball.
.@notthefakesvp: believe it or not, there are other sports besides basketball: soccer, LIDOM, Spring Training, hockey, even volleyball.
.@notthefakesvp: is Putin a basketball fan & does he have pics of ESPN naked? That's only explanation for only sport you show. Not ratings.
.@notthefakesvp: even tape-delayed offbrand foreign local feed soccer would probably do better than some of these basketball games. #ESPN
.@notthefakesvp: if a Martin flipped on #ESPN, they'd think only sport we play is basketball. Why can't ESPN add in some soccer?
.@notthefakeSVP: offmarket foreign soccer/Carib. baseball/college hockey probably cost way less than Poinsettia. A better lead in for you.
.@notthefakeSVP: if ESPN showed soccer/Carib. baseball/college hockey (even tape delayed Moldovan soccer) *more* might watch than Poinsettia
.@notthefakeSVP: there were about 5 people in the stands for the Official San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl. How many viewers?
.@notthefakeSVP: dozens of soccer games today: Why can't #ESPN counterprogram one against NFL?