"Adios, America"

Vox Day:

...In the spring of 1950, the foreign minister of France, Robert Schuman, proposed that France and Germany collectivize their coal and steel resources...

Fifty-one years later, the sale of national sovereignty was completed when most of the governments across Europe abandoned their national currencies in favor of the euro and accepted that the dictates of the unelected 17-man European Commission would thenceforth supersede national legislatures...

...This is why George Bush and the Republican leadership so freely – and otherwise inexplicably – ignore the will of the Republican Party membership, which is strongly in favor of enforcing the immigration laws, if not tightening them. There is no point in attempting to prevent Mexican citizens from entering the United States when citizens of Mexico, the USA and Canada will soon enjoy a shared national identity.

This is also why grass-roots efforts to change the status quo of de facto open borders are doomed to failure, as any attempt by state and local politicians to enforce the law in border states will be quickly shut down by federal organizations and the judiciary, and as President Fox helpfully points out, private attempts will be prosecuted in any court likely to find them illegal...

My related complaints start in "The New Hemispheric Order".


A good article by Christopher Manion on Vincent Fox's hypocrisy on the question of walls.
If you visit Mexico

This illustrates the usual irrational approach of the immigrationists: don't offer any argument that is sensible, but make baseless references to supposedly inevitable globalizations and unstoppable tides. It is like religious triumphalism; pretending that one's faith is superior because one feels confident to declare it so. Let people notice that rational arguments are not used against restrictionism of immigration, because none are available, or the ones that are, are just too pathetically weak, like the restaurant diversity argument.