Ward Churchill to spend more time with family

"Professor Resigns as Department Chair Amid Furor Over 9/11 Remarks":

DENVER (AP) - A University of Colorado professor who provoked a furor when he compared victims of the World Trade Center terrorist attacks to Nazis resigned as a department chairman Monday but will retain his teaching job, the university said...

Churchill resigned as chairman of Colorado's Ethnic Studies Department, telling university officials in a letter that "the present political climate has rendered me a liability in terms of representing either my department, the college, or the university."

University officials welcomed the move.

"While Professor Churchill has the constitutional right to express his political views, his essay on 9/11 has outraged and appalled us and the general public," interim CU-Boulder Chancellor Phil DiStefano said.

On the one hand it's good to see him go. On the other hand, he does have the right to say outrageous things about one of the only countries that gives him that right. And, this might invite retaliatory actions from the loony left establishment at other schools.

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Sorry for the double post! Please delete it.

Sorry for the double post. Please feel free to delete!