Jennifer Aniston naked

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Don't we all wish?

However, the sexual harassment lawsuit brought by the writer's assistant who worked for Friends for four months proceeds and is getting some attention from AP.

From "'Friends' lawsuit takes on tradition":

But if the tradition of the raucous, freewheeling "writers room" is the Hollywood status quo, Amaani Lyle is fighting it. The 31-year-old former writer's assistant for "Friends" has filed a lawsuit that has landed before the California Supreme Court.

Lyle alleges the raw sexual remarks that peppered writers' work sessions and conversations added up to harassment, even though they weren't aimed directly at her or other women in the room.

Her suit, which also alleges demeaning remarks were made about blacks and constitute racial harassment, names "Friends" producers Warner Bros. Television Productions and Bright Kauffman Crane Productions, as well as writers Adam Chase, Greg Malins and Andrew Reich.

Lyle worked for four months in 1999 before she was told she was a poor typist and fired. But Lyle, who is black, claims she was let go after pressing for black characters on the sexually charged NBC comedy about six pals in New York....

So, if I were fired for suggesting they introduce a character named Ozmodiar, I could sue too?

Now, here's the funniest part of the article:

"It's always very hard to describe the process of what writing a comedy series is really about," ["Murphy Brown" creator Diane English] said. "It involves so critically the ability to completely be open and let yourself go. It's the only way the really truly funny stuff is born."

For the even funnier bits, see the excerpts from the suit:

...74. [Three of the writers] regularly discussed making the character Joey a serial rapist...

...77. [Three of the writers used the terms] "dick," "schlong," and "cock."

...83. I can recall sitting around waiting to go home while writers were sitting around pretending to masturbate and continually talking about schlongs.

UPDATE: OK, so the title of this post is a bit mean. I mean, I don't have any pictures of Jennifer Aniston naked. However, here are some interesting Jennifer Aniston pics. Note that some of these sites are questionable, might have popups or worse, etc.:

clothed, squatting

big pic, fake or real?, naked on stomach, face + partial butt

older; might be fake; hiding her nips

older; long straight blonde-highlighted hair; barefoot; bordello setting

older facial triptych

older facial closeup

a "spicy" jennifer aniston gallery; appear to be real

as a waitress in Office Space

You can buy the Office Space DVD here:

questionable foreign gallery

side butt in jeans shot; more here; warning: questionable site

And, my favorite so far:

big facial pic with a cherry in her mouth (warning: questionable foreign site)

A personal note to Jennifer: I'm sorry to hear about your breakup with Brad Pitt. Over time I hope you will recover from this unfortunate incident. Remember, there are many bloggers out here that care.

UPDATE 2: Man, that cherry pic is something else. Here are more Jennifer Aniston links.

UPDATE 3: Holy moley! Jen has had her sharks send letters about a new crop of photos that they claim photog Peter Brandt took from a mile away. Do you know how far a mile is? C'mon. He says it was only 300 yards, and topless pics are hard to sell anyway.

But, don't despair, as some other very interesting photos have been located here, here, here, here, and here, all via this. I don't think these are the ones in question. Photos that is.

UPDATE 4: For the ladies: Jennifer Aniston hair style: Sedu or T3 Tourmaline?