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Early 20s. Free speech advocate. Working to create safe spaces for politically incorrect thought. Multi-user account. #AltRight
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.@arrowsmithwoman @genophilia: Trump has a mass *legalization* plan for illegal aliens: Oppose him or smarten him
MT @genophilia RT @LadyAodh: #Cuckservative-socialist alliance denied #FrontNational control [etc]// FYI, FN isn't like Teaparty at all.
.@Writeonright: @AnnCoulter really, really doesn't like Euro #soccer. In Paris, she refused to choose Russia over Algeria. @genophilia #tcot
.@1776LD @genophilia: what's the smartest plan you know of to reduce #immigration and how can I help?
.@genophilia: since you repeatedly enable those who in effect *help* the pro-amnesty side, aren't you part of the problem?
.@TaxesYouPay @genophilia: Trump's comments aren't accurate, he was just playing to mouthbreathers. He in effect helps amnesty supporters.
.@genophilia: Krikorian isn't serious about stopping amnesty: Enable him if you want Obama to keep winning.
.@genophilia: have you ever held @NumbersUSA accountable for their repeated huge failures?
.@genophilia: how many more times will NumbersUSA have to fail before you gently demand they do things the smart way?
.@genophilia @MathFaithWorks: the Stop Amnesty Challenge will *stop* amnesty *now*: Please promote over and over.
.@genophilia @Ian2813: widen that rift. Use Obama's pro-corporate #immigration "wish lists" to undercut MSNBC hosts, etc. #tcot #teaparty
.@genophilia: namely, @DrMoore supports policies that will *increase* border deaths, and he's doing it to gain power. Separate him from fans
.@genophilia: whether @DrMoore is a "Christian cultural Marxist" or not, it's much more powerful to slowly explain to his fans he's a psycho
.@genophilia: considering that @JohnCornyn was co-author of an amnesty bill, it's hard not to have him pegged. #immigration #tcot #Texas #TX
.@genophilia: to undercut @drmoore, make this point to his followers and make him answer the question: #SBC #tcot
.@genophilia: many hands make light work, but @MarkSKrikorian has to do things in a half-brained, 24-free way. #immigration #tcot #tgdn #sgp
.@genophilia: @wwwCISorg has NIH Syndrome, bad. Compare to their weaker post on the @PublicReligion poll. #tcot