Another feverish missive from the OBL noted

Tamar Jacoby has yet another misleading editorial about massive immigration, this time in the NY Post. It might help if you read the editorial in a Tokyo Rose voice.

From "Winning the Border Battle":

Our increasingly educated, middle-class workforce isn't interested in hard manual work, but millions of campesinos south of the border are. [Tamar is down! --LW] We need them and they need us - supply and demand - and the resulting flow is good for our economy.

That's right, you soft Americans! Despite the incredible downsides of inviting 10% of another country's population to in effect invade your country, the global market must reign supreme! Don't worry about things like Mexico still not having gotten over the loss of "their" territories or their claims that all Mexicans everywhere are part of the greater Mexican Nation. Just think about the cheap labor.

In addition to the "jobs Americans won't do" canard, Jacoby also brings up the "the economy will collapse" canard and the "enforcement hasn't worked" canard. Enforcement has several parts. Jacoby only mentions border security. She conveniently does not mention that under the Bush administration workplace enforcement is even lower than under Clinton.

... Once we've adjusted the law - once most needed workers have a way to come legally and the only unauthorized foreigners in the country are people we don't need or want here - many of Sensenbrenner's proposed provisions would make good sense.

Indeed, in that case, we'd want to use every means at our disposal to find and catch those who eluded the guest-worker program or tried to come illegally outside it. And tightening up on drivers' licenses and other I.D. cards would be an extremely effective tool - to use against not just uncooperative migrants but also smugglers and terrorists...

Yeah, after we enact the Bush/Fox Amnesty, we'll get tough on enforcement. Unfortunately, that's what we've been promised after past amnesties, and it turned out to be lies. And, if Bush won't truly enforce the immigration laws now, that tends to cast doubt on his intention of ever enforcing those laws.

If we passed the Bush/Fox Amnesty it would create millions more illegal aliens to replace those who had been magically transformed into legal workers. Thence would follow more editorials from people like Tamar Jacoby telling us how we need our new crop of illegal aliens and how the economy will collapse without them and how we need a new amnesty and so on and so forth.

For the truth about the Bush/Fox Amnesty, see The Big Show on the Border.

Previous columns or quotes from Jacoby are here, here, and here. She's also a signatory to the *cough* "Conservative" Statement of Principles on Immigration.