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BlogsForBush has this to say on the 9/11 bill:

No big surprise here, Democrats always let special interest groups rule their thinking. They rather have illegal's get driver's licenses than protect this country.

Gosh, and here I thought it was both Bush and the Democrats who did the above. Silly me. I posted the following, perhaps short-lived comment:

Make War Not Appease writes: They're too afraid of offending people and so they pander to the minorities. We need both borders to be heavily secured for our security. Most importantly, we need ouyr immigration laws to be enforced.

Thankfully, President Bush is our President and Our Leader. He spent the last four years ensuring that our borders are secure, and he will spend the next four or more years doing the same. If Kerry were president, he probably would have cut a deal with Vicente Fox to absorb Mexico's excess population or accept their "Mickey Mouse" ID cards, or proposed a guest worker amnesty plan or something else extremely dire. Plus, can you imagine President Kerry wearing a stetson or going to a diner with regular people? Thank God the American citizens made the correct choice!

(The Stetson referenced is explained here; the Our Leader reference is explained here.)


Go figure! I posted Michelle Malkin's latest column on this subject on our site


Moderator's Note: Michelle lets loose in her trademark fresh and pithy style. She weighs in on the political debate on the 9/11 Intel bill and tells the plain truth to power.


What part of 'enforcement' don't they understand?
By Michelle Malkin

December 1, 2004

The obtuseness of the open-borders lobby never ceases to amaze. Here we are, three years after the 9/11 hijackers easily exploited lax borders, and the OBL continues to argue that cracking down on illegal immigration and tightening terrorist-friendly loopholes are "anti-immigrant."

Banging. Head. Against. The. Wall.

How do you maintain sanity when wading through the emotional drivel that passes for the OBL's reasoning? Tip: Whenever they say "anti-immigrant," substitute "pro-enforcement." And shout it at the top of your lungs.

Political correctness is the handmaiden of terrorism. By smearing the overwhelming majority of Americans who support real borders as racists and xenophobes, the OBL obscures its deadly agenda: sabotaging our existing immigration laws and blocking any new efforts to punish those who abuse the system.



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