"Prop. 200 foes take challenge to court"

AZ Republic:

Proposition 200's latest legal saga begins today when its opponents seek a temporary restraining order in Tucson federal court to prevent the immigration measure from becoming law...

The U.S. District Court judge could immediately grant the 10-day restraining order and prevent it from becoming law while a judge determines its constitutionality, or refuse to issue the order and let Proposition 200 become law. Either way, the judge, who has not yet been selected, will set a hearing for within the next 10 days on the merits of the request to declare the initiative unconstitutional...

MALDEF (which was created nearly out of whole cloth by the Ford Foundation) is leading the anti-200 forces.

Another opponent is "Unidos Contra 200 (United Against 200)" which is "made up of document preparers, bankers, educators, religious advisers and health care providers." Gosh, do you think they might have a, you know, financial interest in illegal immigration?

The rest of the article discusses the fear (illegal) immigrants feel as the try to skirt our immigration laws and as groups try to help them do so.

Note that this AZ Republic report is printed in the Tucson Citizen as "Group out to kill Prop. 200 before birth". They don't print the last several paragraphs of the article; note where the break comes.