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.@patticar: CBO admits #immigration reform will screw millions of Americans for >decade: Whose side are you on?
.@patticar: CBO admits #immigration reform will screw millions of Americans for a decade: Whose side are you on?
@patticar promotes openly racist, anti-U.S. extremist group: Get off my screen. #immigration #p2 #tlot #TopProg
@patticar: 3of3: regarding blocking me, please don't do that. Anything but that. That's the last thing I want. NO!!!
@patticar: 2of3: I already showed why #Colbert is wrong, that's what I asked you about; you couldn't reply: #p2
@patticar: 1of3: I've repeatedly asked you to state an #immigration policy and you can't even hint at an outline. #p2 #tlot #TopProg #p21
@patticar: your last chance to get to point. For the purpose of this discussion, let's say I'm of Mexican descent. Now, what's your policy?
@patticar: let me try again. What's your exact policy? What are your proposed rules, numbers, quotas, etc.? Do you support open borders?
@patticar: please explain the details of why you think someone's ancestors make a difference. What #immigration rules should we follow?
@patticar: OK, I'll note that, despite supporting #Colbert appearance, you're unable to defend his ideas like #AgJOBS.
@patticar: so, let me try to make this as easy for you to understand as possible. You supported #Colbert = #AgJOBS by transitive. Defend it.
@patticar: I'd win the ancestors debate too, but I'd rather win the #AgJOBS debate since that's actually relevant to my #Colbert tweet 2u.
@patticar: I'm sorry this wasn't clear to you. I'm talking about the #AgJOBS #amnesty. What if those legalized don't go back to the farm?
@patticar: that is, someone's an illegal alien one day, has work permit the next. How to keep them literally down on the farm? #immigration
@patticar: under the #Colbert #immigration plan, how would you keep newly-legalized illegal aliens from leaving for construction jobs?