"Guest-worker measure awaits a new Congress"

From the SacBee:

...Bush is signaling renewed attention to immigration. That's heartening advocates of reform, dismaying skeptics and raising questions of both strategy and tactics...

With a filibuster-proof 63 senators already co-sponsors, the AgJobs bill could be poised to move. Supporters, many of them organized through the Agriculture Coalition for Immigration Reform, hope for Senate action by spring.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., though not a co-sponsor, said Friday that she "could support such an effort if it is done properly and not in a way that would serve as a magnet for new illegal immigration."

But, although a companion House bill claims 126 supporters, opponents hold strong opinions and key positions, including chairmanships of the House immigration subcommittee.

"The next Senate and House will be, if anything, less receptive" to immigration reform, predicted Mark Krikorian, president of the Center for Immigration Studies. "If the president makes a big push on this, he's going to waste a lot of political capital on something he can't win..."

...Bush himself has thus far resisted the centerpiece of the AgJobs bill. This is the guarantee that an undocumented agricultural worker can get on track to secure legal status.

Bush's own concept is both more modest, providing only a temporary worker permit for illegal immigrants, and more sweeping, as it includes workers from outside of agriculture. It is also more vague, lacking specific legislative language...

Talk about burying the lede. As discussed here, Bush's plan could include "nurses, teachers, high-tech workers" and others. In other words, it would be one giant H1-B program that might cost millions of Americans their jobs or sharply reduce their pay.

The rest of the article discusses Bush's supposed gain in Hispanic support and Political Human Sacrifice. Regarding the former, see "Bush Didn't Win 44% of Hispanic Vote -The Smoking Exit Poll".


I am pleased that Sailer's "Smoking Exit Poll" article is getting linked to in the right places, like here. This is because I am a patriotic American who cares about truth (or is it because I got quoted favorably in it). The media exit-pollers have now been caught red-handed; manipulating data in an obviously dishonest way. They made Latino Bush support go up to, and even over, 100%, because they had to bring Kerry's numbers down somewhere. They must have thought that no one would notice or complain. It is an actual showing of conspiracy by at least two people in the exit-poll management. Beyond that is the omerta which prevents this malfeasance from being publicized more broadly.