Kerry lost?

News of our leader's magnificent win have apparently not filtered down into the fever swamps.

Some people think Kerry might still win once all the votes have been counted.

For an example, look at Colorado (link):

Bush 1,017,322
Kerry 898,566
difference = 118,756

Now, look at the county figures (link). All of them have been completely counted, except for Boulder and Adams counties. Adams has 97% in, but Boulder only shows 33% in:

Kerry 65,864 (70%)
Bush 27,039 (29%)

Based on those percentages and the 290,000 population ( . us/lu/demographics) of the county and assuming 50% of all those voted, let's assume that when all the votes are counted 150,000 people will have voted. That might even be many thousands too high.

If the above percentage going to Kerry held, that would result in him picking up an additional 40,000 votes. That would, however, still be 80,000 votes too few. Now, perhaps there are mail-in or provisional ballots still out there waiting to be counted. Other states might have similar wiggle room.

If Kerry could win this way it would be a little disconcerting to the American populace to say the least. On the other hand, if widespread (counterpunch . org/harrison11032004.html) voting fraud (bluelemur . com/index.php?p=388) and suppression can be shown (blackboxvoting . com), most Americans would be willing to admit that Bush had not won fair and square.

There's about five weeks to straighten this all out. The electoral college electors will meet in each state capital on December 13, over a month away. At that time they'll decide their selection. Those selections will be forwarded to Washington and opened in Congress on January 6th.