Fire Dreier the outright Liar

As previously described, KFI talk jocks John & Ken are conducting a "Political Human Sacrifice" designed to fire a local congressman who's extremely weak on illegal immigration, Rep. David Dreier.

Said Rep. has a guest column published in the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin entitled "Immigration must play by rules." OK, so they flubbed the title. And, that newspaper is published by someone who, rumor has it, has a close relationship with Dreier including a "hands-off-Dreier" instruction to the reporters for his chain of local newspapers.

That's interesting, but what's especially shocking is that in the editorial Dreier clearly and unequivocally lies:

[I voted to allow banks to accept Mexican ID cards called "Matricula Consular" cards]...It should also be recognized that Matricula Consular cards have been issued by the Mexican government since 1871, are not available to illegal immigrants, and are not accepted by any federal benefit program...

The whole editorial is probably riddled with lies, but the part about those ID cards not being available to illegal immigrants is a complete, unequivocal lie.

I provide a few examples of Mexican consuls passing out those ID cards to illegal aliens here. In fact, here's a quote from one of those consuls:

[when you get your Matricula Consular card we] don't care if you are documented or undocumented

So, Dreier is a liar.

He's also apparently quite afraid of Political Human Sacrifice succeeding. To help judge how scared he is, tomorrow Dreier will begin running commercials on KFI, the same station with John & Ken. He has not appeared on their show despite continued requests.

And, there are some astroturf letters from his supporters here. Apparently at least three of those people are associated with Dreier in some way. I don't know how much of an association there is between two of those three, but note that one of the authors is Dean Waddell. This Dean Waddell:

An internship with one's very own congressman is something that most political science majors only dream of.

But that is exactly what happened to Dean Waddell, 18, now in his second semester at Citrus College.

Waddell applied for an internship at Congressman David Dreier's district office in Glendora on August 2003...

Apparently that chain of newspapers has not published any anti-Dreier letters, although I'd imagine they've received a good quantity of that kind.

For more on Matricula Consular cards, see also 222 House Members Put Interests of Banking Lobby Ahead of Homeland Security and the extensive backgrounder "IDs for Illegals: The 'Matricula Consular' Advances Mexico's Immigration Agenda".