"Red Alert"

Mother Jones (yeah, I know) excerpts their subscriber-only article "Red Alert" here. It looks at how the DHS is protecting us, and whether they're doing the acceptable job everyone has been told they're doing:

...Defending America has been a pillar of President Bush's reelection campaign. Only the president, argue his backers, has the resolve and strength of leadership to prevent another 9/11. This campaign tactic has proved surprisingly effective. Even as public opinion polls show that increasing numbers of Americans are wondering whether the White House has been fighting the right battle in Baghdad, many remain convinced that President Bush will be tougher on terror than his Democratic opponent. This view has been a mainstay of Republican campaign commercials, conservative talk radio shows, the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal, and, of course, the folks at Fox. Unfortunately, like a lot of "popular" notions generated by concerted public relations drives, it's a myth not rooted in reality...


If it is effective, to emphasize this anti-terrorist aspect, that also means that dereliction of national security considerations of this kind, is continuing. It is interesting, though , how the left is moving in towards making political capital out of security lapses, as if they knew what may be handed to them, to blame the government for.