That's an awful lot of straw you've got there, Clay

Clay Robison - chief of the Houston Chronicle's Austin Bureau - offers us an editorial entitled Our reality: Immigrants always part of Texas' 'picture'. It starts out like this:

Almost every time I write about the deficiencies of state government - a practice akin to shooting fish in a barrel - I receive messages from readers who blame Texas' problems in education funding, health care or whatever on immigrants from the south and/or their offspring.

Some of the responses are tinged with racism and fear, while others simply ignore the reality of Texas' changing face...

After the false choice, things go downhill from there as he heaps up big piles of straw and builds up giant strawmen that he deftly demolishes. The editorial is pretty worthless, just something to keep in mind as you read some of the Houston Chronicle's less worthy news articles.


It is unconstitutional to create an entitled ignobility, such as illegal aliens, who are exempt from the legal residency requirement for sending their children to a particular public school. If the situation is bad in Texas, where government is cheap on the welfare populations, this only shows how hard it is to keep immigrants from drawing net public subsidy. The everyone is an immigrant fiction, is a way of trying to get citizens to believe that they have no more rights here than foreigners. A dictator would want his subjects to believe that.