"Republicans Rewarding Illegal Aliens"

From Human Events:

AgJobs is legislation only a liberal could love. Yet, conservative Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho) its sponsor, has now moved to take his bill straight to the floor.

This bill to legalize illegal aliens working in American agriculture helped to stall much-needed class action reform from coming before the Senate in July. Craig tried to attach AGJOBS to the legal reform bill. He has vowed to offer this legislation to every bill the Senate moves the rest of the session, despite Bush administration opposition.

Craig brokered the bill-writing among agriculture lobbyists, immigration lawyers and the ethnic identity lobby...

AGJOBS adds insult to the injury of amnesty. The bill forces American taxpayers to pick up the tab for Legal Services lawyers. The activist lawyers will aid legalizing aliens at each step of the amnesty path to citizenship...

Two-thirds of special agricultural worker applications for a 1986 amnesty were fraudulent. Terrorist Mohammed Abouhalima was one such fraud. He secured legal status, then got involved in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Abouhalima was a New York cabbie who never worked in agriculture... [Chapter 3 of the 9/11 Commission Staff Report says he was granted temporary status but then later his application was denied, but I don't know if that was before or after being indicated for WTC1 --LW]

The Bush administration, which advocates its own amnesty, opposes AGJOBS. So should thinking lawmakers, agricultural special interests and those who truly have America's best interests at heart.

The only apparent reason the Bush administration is opposed to AgJobs is because of their alternative program, so I wouldn't get my hopes up about them coming to their senses about amnesty.

As far as the immigration lawyer-friendly provision above is concerned, consider the following story about the finances of Rep. Chris Cannon (R-UT), one of the original authors of AgJobs:

A close look at who is giving also shows a sudden jump in contributions from immigration attorneys - 23 of whom have poured $20,900 into Cannon's war chest... At least five of the attorneys serve on the executive committee of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, which helped Cannon draft the "AgJobs" bill...

And, from "Immigration lawyer industry funding Tancredo's opponent" (Despite the title, there's only a teaser about that funding, most of that article is about AgJobs):

In the case of the immigration lawyer industry and AgJOBS, the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) actually got to be in on the drafting of the bill. There is even an audio recording of Cannon publicly admitting to it...

You wouldn't know it, but it is still illegal to solicit and accept political contributions in return for official action. As spelled out above, this is precisely what Congressman Cannon has done, and the audio recording of his public acknowledgement that AILA helped draft AgJOBS is the smoking gun that nails him...

Can they prove that Cannon allowed AILA to help draft AgJobs as a direct consequence of receiving contributions? Or, is no specific proof needed to bring some form of charges against him? I don't know.

For more on AgJobs, see Guest Worker Residency Bill Is Taking Root in the Senate and "Miami Herald "endorses indentured servitude". The second has a list of the 400 business, legal, grower's, and Race Industry organizations that support this horrible bill.


These growers who lined up behind the race-warriors and shysters, would like to put their costs on to the net taxpayers. Low income workers are on net public subsidy, almost invariably, the recruitment of them from abroad is an attempt to increase the aggression on the net taxpayer. This is what one would expect from the hyper-exploitative, malice against humanity; the willingness to tax the successful to increase the failure, and especially the hatred against human success that would want to bring our minimum standards down to 3rd-world levels along a broadening front.