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Bob Owens
Raleigh, NC, USA
Editor of Bearing Arms. TV & Radio in U.S. and U.K. Appleseed rifle marksmanship instructor. Gunsite Academy grad.
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As @bob_owens opines, the windows & doors are a problem. I also favor solid stone over cinder block. #DoomsdayCastle #tcot #occupy #ows #sgp
On #Newtown, @bob_owens is on right track. But, it's ironic he's at #PJMedia, home of MammonCons who'd degrade culture if they'd profit. #p2
RT @bob_owens Popular music, from pop to hip-hop to metal, crimes for violence. Our popular culture is to blame for #newtown // right track
RT @bob_owens most popular video games ..are first person shooters where kids are trained to shoot dozens at a time. It's culture. #newtown