The Arizona Republic has a lesson for you

The Arizona Republic - which has just about publicly announced its biases against Proposition 200 - has yet another fisk-worthy article: "Calif.'s lesson: Reforms don't stop illegal immigration."

Rather than provide a full-on fisking, here's the summary. The first few paragraphs of the article match the headline. It looks like they're about to discuss "reforms" that didn't work, specifically California's Prop. 187.

However, after the first few paragraphs, the article starts meandering as they realize that only a couple minor provisions of Prop. 187 were ever enacted, and they may have never been enforced. So, I guess "reforms" that aren't enacted or aren't enforced don't work. Thanks, I already knew that.

Continuing: ...probably takes a hate crimes statistic out of context... includes a quote from MALDEF... FAIR is "anti-immigration", etc. etc.

Oh, did I mention that the major, fundamental reforms of Prop. 187 were never enacted, and thus those reforms can't be said to have failed?

Another thing worth mentioning is that one of the writers of this advocacy piece/article is Elvia Diaz. She was reportedly at the press conference where it was announced that Grant Woods - spokesman for the anti-200 forces - had been fined for hiring an illegal alien nanny. To the best of my knowledge, that fact has not yet appeared in the Arizona Republic.

Please send a polite email to these folks suggesting they do a better job:


Idiots and basically traitors! I hope the residents of Ariz take care of them.