Left and Right, working together against the rest of us. Part 2

The article MVD bust labeled 'gift' for Prop. 200", as one might expect from the source, tries to make the most of a poor choice of words by a Prop. 200 supporter. The more important statements in the article come from the spokesperson for the anti-Prop. 200 forces, former AZ attorney general Grant Woods:

...Woods said the entire Arizona congressional delegation, the governor, mayors and business groups with diverging ideological interests all oppose Proposition 200.

"Can you think of anything else that all of these people agree upon? I can't," Woods said...

..."We can't get our own people to vote in elections, much less get someone else to come here and vote," Woods said, before making a joke about recent conservative triumphs in recent legislative primaries.

"By the way, if they are voting, they're voting very conservatively," he added.

Ka-ching! And, remember, we've got the loosest slots in Laughlin!

Hey, and thanks for pointing out where the problem is: it's the people against the elites.

This post has more links about Prop. 200, including the news that Grant Woods was fined for hiring an illegal alien nanny.


There is a convergence of influential sectors against the commonalty; and immigration is probably the clearest instance of this. Interests which have made their peace with, or are actually promoting, the decolonization of the commonalty through immigration, affirmative action for the entitled ignobility, public educational systems to enhance progressive retardation, all of these and more, converge upon a point.