Understanding Boxer

In the article "Boxer says U.S. less secure, ties Jones to Bush policies", Sen. Boxer tells us:

"The direction we're going in is not the right direction, is not the good direction, either in foreign policy or domestic policy... Bill Jones likes this direction and wants to join with Bush and (Vice President Dick) Cheney and be their partner and work with them... If you agree with Bush and Cheney, then you need a Republican in that seat... If people want an anti-choice senator, a pro-gun senator and a friend of Dick Cheney, yes, vote for Bill Jones."

...Boxer also called for tighter security at the nation's borders and suggested that Bush had gone "really off course" in the effort to protect the country from terrorism.

"It's important to stop illegal immigration at the border," she said. "We're not doing a good job of protecting our borders."

It sounds good, but her record is mixed, to say the least.

She gets a C grade on immigration matters here (Her recent actions merit a C+).

Of particular note, she hasn't done much for immigration recently except for co-sponsoring the horrible AgJobs bill (plugged here). AgJobs is described in "Immigration lawyer industry funding Tancredo's opponent". Despite the title, there's only a teaser about that funding, most of that article is about AgJobs. See also Guest Worker Residency Bill Is Taking Root in the Senate and "Miami Herald "endorses indentured servitude".