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.@rickwtyler: you need to undercut Trump *to his base* if you want to win anything. Best way is to make happen.
.@LLH713 the only liberal running to split the conserves vote is the fraud&conman,NY liberal #Trump @ColorMeRed @rickwtyler #CruzCrew #iowa
@ColorMeRed @littlebytesnews @rickwtyler is advising him cause Id swear they were liberal.
.@LLH713 @littlebytesnews @rickwtyler Is he joking? Cruz: 'I will apologize to no one' for criticized 'voting violation' mailer
@ColorMeRed @littlebytesnews @rickwtyler this doesn't help any
.@LLH713 @littlebytesnews @rickwtyler It's coming back to haunt him.. some Iowans saying NO CRUZ as a result.
@ColorMeRed @littlebytesnews @rickwtyler maybe mot the only ones
.@LLH713 @littlebytesnews @rickwtyler Let's just see how the voters of Iowa feel..they're the only ones that matter
@littlebytesnews @ColorMeRed @rickwtyler threats to voters.
.@LLH713 yes, I've heard about it.Apparently it's legal&taken from public records&has been used successfully before @ColorMeRed @rickwtyler
@ColorMeRed @littlebytesnews @rickwtyler except theres this Patty
.@littlebytesnews @rickwtyler He was released...
.@ColorMeRed I did read it and it appears Trump's father was charged with disorderly conduct along w/other KKK members @rickwtyler
.@littlebytesnews @rickwtyler Nonsense.. proves nothing read the original article..
Not surprising⏩Donald Trump’s Father A Racist KKK Member #tcot #ccot #iacaucus #iowa #jcot #Christian @rickwtyler