Bill Jones makes right noises, seeks support

From Senate candidate campaigns for reform of immigration system:

U.S. Senatorial candidate Bill Jones praised the role of immigrants in building California, but called for a reform of the state's and the nation's immigration system during a campaign stop here last week...

...He does not support giving illegal immigrants driver's licenses.

"This country has not spoken with a clear, precise message (on illegal immigration)," Jones said. "Amnesty by itself will only incentivize illegal immigration."

...In a recent poll taken by SurveyUSA, Boxer leads Jones by 48 to 42 percent. In an earlier Field poll, Boxer held a 17 percent lead over Jones.

Given Bush's "amnesty by any other name" amnesty plan, Jones could be supporting Bush's plan at the same time as he's opposing amnesty. Or, he might be against Bush's plan. Nevertheless, he appears to be somewhat on the right track and his poll numbers are certainly better than I would have expected.