"My understanding is this isn't ID for illegals"

The titular quote is from none other than St. Clair (MI) County commissioner Pamela Wall, discussing Matricula Consular cards in the article "County to decide on Mexican ID card; Consul: Document should be accepted as legal identification".

Mexico's consul in Detroit wants the fine St. Clair county commissioners to accept those IDs.

You know, the ones mentioned in "IDs for Illegals: The 'Matricula Consular' Advances Mexico's Immigration Agenda" or "FBI Official Says Matricula Consular Card Is Security Threat".

Thankfully, someone there has some sense:

The cards have sparked controversy in various communities. Critics said the cards grant legal status to illegal aliens.

Commissioner Patricia Anger, R-Clyde Township, wants to make sure that's not the case.

"I would not want to make something available that would help illegals get services our residents need," she said.

Her email is panger@stclaircounty.org. Please send her the two links above as well as any other useful information.


This is like giving a passport to terrorists, and whoever wants to get away with aggression here. They need only get a new mat. con. before the police find them. It allows for applying for food stamps or other means-tested programs under a dozen different identities. It could cost hundreds of billions a year, if enough sign up for it, produce nothing that ever gets checked, and get public handouts under several names at once. Ten million could get 20k a year each, which is only 200 billion per year.