Recapping Bush's acceptance speech

I nodded off starting around the one hour mark, so I might have missed some of it. Nevertheless here it is, with comments in bold:

Globalism creates new markets for our goods, but also new competition for our workers [and I'm helping]

Americans can compete with anyone anywhere in the world [yes, indeed, we can compete against dollar-a-day workers in Bangladesh. And, once I put all our jobs on eBay it'll get even better.]

Those who believe the heart & soul of America is in Hollywood are wrong [Neither is the Northeast]

"We have tripled funding for homeland security and trained half a million first responders, because we are determined to protect our homeland. We are transforming our military and reforming and strengthening our intelligence services. We are staying on the offensive - striking terrorists abroad - so we do not have to face them here at home." [but, they most certainly aren't coming over our borders. And, because they aren't coming over the border, I'm not going to bother discussing anything having to do with our completely porous borders. And, likewise with my insane immigration plan.]

I'll guarantee community health centers in each poor and/or rural county [whether I'll keep them out of bankruptcy due to millions lost to treating those illegal aliens I invited here is quite another matter. At least the buildings will be there.]

Viva Bush! [Vive Trudeau!]

Four years ago, the Saudis funded terrorism, today they're making raids and arrests [and still spreading Wahhibism, but, hey, give them time]

...Slappin' down the NYT... [finally, something I agree with]

Millions in the Middle East plead in silence for their liberty [Uh oh...]