"Study Says Illegal Migrants Cost U.S. $10 Billion a Year"

From the LAT:

Illegal immigrants cost the federal government more than $10 billion a year, and a program to legalize the undocumented would nearly triple that figure, a study released today concludes.

The analysis by the Center for Immigration Studies, which opposes efforts to legalize an estimated 8 million to 12 million migrants, comes as Republicans are bracing for a fight over immigration at their convention next week in New York.

Some Republican conservatives are pushing for language in the party platform that strongly opposes amnesty for illegal immigrants. But business-oriented Republicans want to significantly loosen immigration restrictions.

In the middle is President Bush, who has proposed a massive guest worker program granting temporary legal status to the undocumented, of whom a majority are Mexicans...

Well, he's not really in the middle. He's obviously in the WSJ camp.

Anyhoo, the study is entitled "The High Cost of Cheap Labor".

Quoting from the Executive Summary:

If we are serious about avoiding the fiscal costs of illegal immigration, the only real option is to enforce the law and reduce the number of illegal aliens in the country. First, this would entail much greater efforts to police the nation's land and sea borders. At present, less than 2,000 agents are on duty at any one time on the Mexican and Canadian borders. Second, much greater effort must be made to ensure that those allowed into the country on a temporary basis, such as tourists and guest workers, are not likely to stay in the country permanently. Third, the centerpiece of any enforcement effort would be to enforce the ban on hiring illegal aliens. At present, the law is completely unenforced. Enforcement would require using existing databases to ensure that all new hires are authorized to work in the United States and levying heavy fines on businesses that knowingly employ illegal aliens. Finally, a clear message from policymakers, especially senior members of the administration, that enforcement of the law is valued and vitally important to the nation, would dramatically increase the extremely low morale of those who enforce immigration laws.

UPDATE: In addition to the "liberal" talking points outlined in the LAT article, I heard one in a brief radio report. The gentleman was named Gutierrez and he was with some group. Maybe he was the guy from UCLA. He said that illegal aliens utilize no social services except emergency medical services. Which is a blatant lie. Tell it to the residents of California who signed up for a $10 billion school bond, a very large chunk of which is going to build classrooms to educate citizens of other countries. His other big talking point was the CIS was [cue ominous music] a conservative think-tank masquerading as independent. CIS says they're independent, but, what praytell does their affiliation have to do with whether the facts in the study are accurate or not?