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Daniel Hannan
Old Whig. Columnist with ConservativeHome and the Washington Examiner. Conservative MEP. Author of Why Vote Leave.
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.@SimonTemplarPV: are you still a @DanielJHannan fanboy given how he wants Eng to continue having an open border with EU? #Breitbart #tcot
.@SimonTemplarPV: as discussed at #Breitbart, @DanielJHannan wants his cake (out of EU) & his fellow citizens eating it too (loose borders).
.@HSAGreg: @DanielJHannan supports mass immigration, as I warned in 2010: He still supports it. #Brexit #Leave
Do you love how he supports continued EU open borders? #Breitbart #Trump2016 #tcot #GOP MT @SimonTemplarPV God I love @DanielJHannan
.@stardust193 @ibngibril: to send a message to @DanielJHannan, undercut his U.S. support by helping discredit those in USA who hyped him.