"How did Teresa get her hands on the Heinz fortune?"

Here's an interesting post about colonialism in Mozambique:

Teresa Heinz grew up the daughter of a rich dentist in the slave holding Portuguese territory of Mozambique. I spent some time there in Lorenzo Marques and Beira back in the 60s and have a pretty good idea of the life of the colonial Portuguese community she belonged to.

The blacks were considered Kaffirs which meant not quite human to them. I'll never forget viewing several hundred blacks shovelling urea from the deck of my ship the SS African Mercury at the dock in Lorenzo Marques. The burning sun beat down on a urea dust blurred scene of these poor souls singing there hearts out while they shovelled in unison to the haunting and powerfully primitive tune that eminated from their throats.

I must confess that the seafood was wonderful - lobster tails and shrimp in particular - and the service was superb for us white folks...