President Bush don't need no take-out grilled diver sea scallops, pardner

According to U.S. News & World Report, President Bush is challenging John Kerry to a peasant food eat-off:

Don't be surprised if fitness freak President Bush starts showing up at Dunkin' Donuts. Seems the prez thinks what people like about him over Sen. John Kerry is his ability to be one of them, and his staff is figuring out ways to show that off. So they want to steer the campaigning prez to cafes, gas stations, and, of course, barbecue joints. "He wants direct contact with people," says a Bushie. "We don't have to prove he's a strong leader. Voters already know that. We have to prove he 'gets it,' that he understands what everyday Americans are going through." Easier said than done. Turns out the Secret Service doesn't want Bush mixing it up and providing a fat target for enemies...

I should run for "prez." I wouldn't even need my staff to show that I was one of the common folk, as it unfortunately comes quite naturally to me.

If the "prez" really "got it," he wouldn't make proposals that are opposed by the great majority of Americans, such as his various Open Borders plans.

At least John Kerry and "Ter" aren't fooling too many people with their various fast-food related stunts. Bush seems to be a bit better at hiding his Northeast establishment upbringing.

Previous Wendy's coverage starts with the extremely funny "What happened to Ben?"



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