Seven of Nine: pressured for public sex

The horror!

CHICAGO (AP) Republican Senate candidate Jack Ryan pressured his wife, actress Jeri Lynn Ryan, to have sex in clubs while others watched, she charged in custody documents related to their divorce that were released Monday...


Ryan told the governor nothing about the allegation of visiting sex clubs and pressuring Jeri Ryan to have sex in public, said spokesman Eric Robinson. The version Ryan presented to Edgar was limited to visiting one Paris nightclub that turned out to be so ``avant-garde'' that the couple felt uncomfortable and left, he said...


Jeri Lynn Ryan charged during a custody hearing that Ryan took her on surprise trips to New Orleans, New York and Paris in 1998, and that he insisted she go to sex clubs with him on each trip.


She said that after going out to dinner with Ryan in New York, he demanded that she go to a club with him.

Sex Apparatus

``It was a bizarre club with cages, whips and other apparatus hanging from the ceiling,'' she said. She said Ryan asked her to perform a sexual act while others watched, and she refused...


She said they left and Ryan apologized to her and said it was out of his system. But then, she said, he took her to Paris and again took her to a sex club...

Solemn Vows

``We did go to one avant-garde nightclub in Paris which was more than either one of us felt comfortable with. We left and vowed never to return,'' he told the court...

In next week's installment: "costume play" at the Star Trek Convention. Enveloping...

UPDATE: From the trial transcript:

"I have an implant for you!"

"No, Locutus, no!"

"Yes, my borgette, you will be assimilated!"

[... some time later ... ]

"Who is the leader of the collective! Say it! Say it!"


UPDATE: I added the last line, I think it was needed. Also, the Smoking Gun has Seven of Nine's declaration here.