How the hell do I remove the front PCV grommet on a '94 Jeep Cherokee?

Please, someone tell me. I was trying to replace the front PCV hose - the one that goes from the front of the valve cover to the air cleaner - when the L-shaped plastic part sticking out of the valve cover broke. That's one of the parts I was going to replace, but even so now that it's broken it's even more difficult to get it out. I've started chipping away at the rubber grommet, but I realize that's not the best way to do things. I've tried using screwdrivers to pry the L-shaped bit up to no avail. Searching google groups, I've run upon two tricks: twisting it 90 degrees to one side, or using a pair of needle-nose pliers that are bent at 90 degrees. I'll try the first one tomorrow. I'd really like to avoid having to either go out and buy special tools or - even worse - having a backyard mechanic with tools come by or - even much worse - having it towed into a shop.

Hopefully there's a screen under there so that if and when I finally get the thing off the bits of rubber and plastic won't go into the engine.

Anyone have any good tips? Does my reader or my alternate-days reader have any ideas?