'No Illegal Alien Left Behind' Bill Introduced

Here's FAIR's response to the Democratic Party's attempt to give away the store:

Legislation unveiled today by Senator Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) and Representative Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) would guarantee legal U.S. residence for virtually every illegal alien living in the U.S. and countless millions additional relatives who would be permitted to join them in this country. Under the Kennedy-Gutierrez legislation, most, if not all, of the estimated 8-13 million illegal aliens in the country would be granted immediate amnesty, and nearly all existing limits on people seeking admission to the U.S. would be lifted.

In addition to granting amnesty to illegal aliens and moving their relatives to the front of the immigration queue, the bill would allow newly legalized immigrants to sponsor additional relatives to come to the United States, even if they lack the means to fulfill their commitments of support. The legislation also waives existing re-entry bars for illegal aliens who have been removed, allowing them to return to the U.S. to claim amnesty...


This proposal represents intense hatred against the net taxpayer, and a taste for freedom-for-aggression. It comes from the anti-merit activists and is a case of hatred against human merit; to suggest loading the taxpayers with foreign criminals in a welfare society. These proposals of amnesty are intensifying the very problem that they supposedly want to alleviate, therefore they are dishonest. There is no constituency for such proposals; therefore they come from malice against those who would have to pay for them.