What holds us VRWC members together?

"Captain" Kevin Drum sets to sea in a quest (washingtonmonthly. com/archives/individual/2004_04/003720.php) to determine what holds us "conservatives" together. Why do we think this way? Is there any way to prevent us from thinking this way? Can we somehow be taught to think the right way?

Herewith are some of the main things holding us VRWC members together:

  • Hatred of "liberals."
  • Hatred of Mark A. R. Kleiman.
  • Sheer, visceral disgust with self-satisfied, pompous, correctthinking, self-righteous, anti-American "liberals."
  • Decades of evidence that "liberalism" is bad for society: multiculturalism, tolerance for some forms of racism and bigotry, freedom through authoritarianism, "liberal" intolerance for mainstream American thought and lifestyles being portrayed as tolerance, political correctness, helping Oppressed Minority People Of Color deal with their Oppression under the Yoke of the White Devil Oppressor, Anything-But-America, weakness when dealing with foreign countries, etc. etc.

For more, see 'How the Intellectuals Took Over (And What to Do About It)' or 'Beyond Tolerance?' from the much-hated-by-rightthinking-folks John Derbyshire.