Let's Prop56 Barbara Boxer

California Insider says the following:

It looks as if you can add Proposition 56 to the long list of ballot measures on which the state's Democratic establishment and its voters haven't seen eye to eye. It really is amazing when you think about the record over the past 10 to 15 years, during which Democrats have repeatedly won majorities in the Legislature even as their views on major policy matters clash with a majority of those who vote in statewide elections. Going back to term limits in 1990, immigration and crime in 1994, affirmative action in 1996, bilingual education in 1998 and gay marriage in 2000, plus taxing the rich, regulating health care and several other issues along the way. Prop. 56 was a creation of the public employee labor unions and their Democratic allies, designed to make it easier to pass a budget and raise taxes, which now require a two-thirds majority vote in the Assembly and Senate. The measure was dressed up with a populist-sounding provision to withhold the pay of legislators and the governor when a budget was late, and that part of the initiative at first polled well with voters. But once opponents dubbed it the "blank check" initiative and put out the word that it would make it easier for the Legislature to raise taxes, it dropped like a stone.

Sure, Bill Jones isn't exactly electrifiying. But, perhaps he could win in the same way that Prop. 56 won. It shouldn't be that difficult to point out that Boxer is an extremist. She's got a 96 ADA rating, she consorts with former members of racial separatist organizations (see 'Boxer Gets Backing From Latino Group in Primary'), etc. etc. She'll try to portray Bill Jones as an extremist white male; her racism and sexism should be pointed out as well as her extremism. Maybe she'll go to the same place as Prop. 56.