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.@ericgarcetti: you say some ideologies have no place in the USA: Which exact ideas would you outlaw? #LosAngeles
Per JohnAndKenShow listener, she was banned/suspended from #Facebook after leaving critical comment on @ericgarcetti page. #LosAngeles
.@mariocotto: sanctuary cities = crooked pols helping connected biz lower US wages. @ericgarcetti knew @TheMadBrand wouldn't follow $. #KCRW
.@mariocotto: did you hear @TheMadBrand interview with @ericgarcetti? Sad, not any kind of journalism. He had to correct her on law. #KCRW
L.A. mayor @ericgarcetti is facing off against 10 other candidates in the upcoming March 7 election…
RT @arkr011: Mayor of LA @ericgarcetti is on #teamtom ! @TomPerez @everydem #dnc2017
@ericgarcetti Mr. Mayor, what will it take for you participate in the #MayoralDebate on @KFIAM640'a @johnandkenshow, largest in the state?
MT @ThinkTrumpsFeel @ericgarcetti @SierraClubLA_OC ICE are police officers. Your letter makes their job harder, and puts them in harms way.
.@SierraClubLA_OC: so far @ericgarcetti blows off #KFI debate. If he's not smart enuf to defend his ideas, how is he smart enuf to be mayor?
Radio ad for @ericgarcetti: "He brings this experience to his job". After he describes biking in SFV & eating Tommy's. #LosAngeles #KFI
@ericgarcetti @SierraClubLA_OC ICE are police officers. Your letter makes their job harder, and puts them in harms way.
.@ericgarcetti trying to balance "constituents who want a hard line...& those who do fear the loss of federal funds"
Pleasure to spend time with Mayor @ericgarcetti to learn about his amazing work & pracitical approach to governing…
.@bgazzar @tvanita: did @LADailyNews walk @ericgarcetti through how a bill he supports harms Americans?
.@bgazzar: hey Brenda, did @LADailyNews ask @ericgarcetti if he wants to "protect" crooked companies like Villar?
.@DonLemon: ask @ericgarcetti how much he's received in donations from companies that might employ illegal labor. He's a crook.
.@DonLemon: @ericgarcetti has no shame, making deportation - sending someone home - sound like the Nazis. All because he's a crook.
.@DonLemon: @ericgarcetti is like a shady machine boss, turning the other eye on criminal activity by crooked businesses. #LosAngeles
.@DonLemon: @ericgarcetti is conflating "immigrants" (those we invite under our laws) with illegal aliens (who are *not* "immigrants").
.@ericgarcetti: if illegal #immigration raised wages, would @americanapparel etc support it so strongly? @PoppyHarlowCNN
.@ericgarcetti: can you understand diff btw not vilifying illegal aliens in general & not enabling illegal #immigration? @PoppyHarlowCNN
On #CNN about anti-Trump protests, @ericgarcetti says we should embrace illegal aliens. Lightweight @PoppyHarlowCNN doesn't call him on it.
The @ericgarcetti header is a very bad pic of something, showing smog in L.A. basin vs. cleaner air higher up. #LosAngeles #idiocracy
.@ericgarcetti knows only some groups commit most guns crimes, but he knows "only let some groups have guns" would be a CLM so: gun control.
RT @ACLU_SoCal: ACLU SoCal commends @ericgarcetti, @LAPDChiefBeck & @mike_feuer for no longer requiring LAPD to comply w/ ICE holds// #tcot
.@Near_Chaos: look up @ericgarcetti fans, point out to them his #immigration plans won't solve things for the millions left in CentAm. #tcot
.@ericgarcetti shows how spontaneous & "with-it" he is with scripted, pre-planned f-bomb. #LosAngeles #idiocracy #tcot #uniteblue #ows
RT @24AheadDotCom: .@FrontRowJo: did you upload video of you asking @EricGarcetti questions to Youtube? #LosAngeles #OccupyLA #LA #tcot #tg…
.@FrontRowJo: did you upload video of you asking @EricGarcetti questions to Youtube? #LosAngeles #OccupyLA #LA #tcot #tgdn #ows
.@FrontRowJo: want fame and to have done a great public service? Ask @ericgarcetti one of my questions on video. #immigration #LosAngeles
Honor a #California icon: write in Huell Howser rather than voting for @ericgarcetti or @Wendy_Greuel. #LosAngeles #LA #OccupyLA #tcot #ows
.@LA_mag: I urge everyone to write in Huell Howser rather than @ericgarcetti or @Wendy_Greuel. #ScyllaCharybdis2 #LosAngeles #LA #OccupyLA
Instead of @ericgarcetti or @Wendy_Greuel, I urge everyone to write in Huell Howser. There's no downside. #LosAngeles #LA #OccupyLA #p2 #sgp