That's what the telescreens are for

The New Mexico House of Representatives wants to require ignition locks on all cars in the state in the state to prevent drunk driving.

In the unlikely event that this passes, I'm sure that thousands of people would attempt to find "work-arounds."

Those might include things like: having another occupant of the car blow into the device, carrying a canister of compressed air, overriding the unit's electronics, etc. etc.

I hope that New Mexico's worthy legislators have considered this possiblity as well. The way to prevent misuse of this system is clear: in addition to ignition locks, telescreens will be required in all New Mexico cars. That way, the driver's identity and their participation in the program can be quickly and safely determined, and violators can be punished.

UPDATE: The bill never made it out of committee. Don't worry, the nannies will be back stronger than ever.