The Organ Mountains

No jokes now, they actually look pretty interesting. They're on BLM land next to the White Sands Missile Range. I spent a bit of time and fuel driving off the highway six miles to the campground in search of information and perhaps a short hike. The only two described hikes were too long to do that late and there was no one else around except an older camper.

So, I continued on. Las Cruces looks slightly interesting, and might warrant a future visit. But, I wanted to get to El Paso, so I didn't stay long.


Hey, Wacko:

I happened to find a posting you made some time back about wanting to be involved in a media hoax and a site you had sitting idle. I'm an experienced media hoaxer and I'm wondering what, if anything, you have in mind. Check out my resume at, then contact me (assuming you're still interested in doing something hoax-related, that is). I hope to hear from you. Bye.